Coaching the ADHD Client (CAC)

From Awareness to Action

This is graduate-level, advanced training in ADHD coaching techniques.

Take the popular CAC course to find and maintain effective coaching traction with your ADHD clients. The straightforward and powerful AEC Coaching Model makes a client’s progress visible and meaningful to them as soon as you share it with them.

Developed by Cam Gott, PCC the AEC framework gives you and your clients a shared language and scaffold to support a growth-change process. We start by coaching our clients’ self-observation skills because change begins with Awareness (which ADHD disrupts). ADHD also plays havoc with the brain’s ability to Engage and re-engage the individual with what’s most important in the moment and focus action there. The ADHD challenge of missing essential daily pivot points (Completions) prevents an individual from pausing and reassessing.

Through The AEC Model, you’ll work collaboratively with clients to achieve more, as they learn more about themselves and integrate two life-changing concepts: Articulating ADHD and Curious Accountability.

We will identify the role of ADHD neurobiology in client challenges — and distinguish the unique Awareness, Engagement and Completion challenges for those who are primarily hyperactive vs. those who are primarily inattentive.

CAC Training Formats and Course Details

The CAC outside-of-class assignments include:

  • Reading assigned chapters from the Understand Your Brain, Get More Done by Ari Tuckman, PsyD.
  • Access to CAC‘s online Coaches Learning Lab which provides communication between classes – and access to course documents, shared resources, forum discussions and class member profiles.
  • Listening to the coaching demo recorded to illustrate the AEC coaching methodology
  • Weekly two-person skills-building partnerships
  • On-going coaching of one or two clients who have ADHD, using the training methodology (Awareness, Engagement, and Completion) — and creating brief forum posts on these efforts

The six weekly classes met live via videoconferencing — and include these training elements:

  • Following class outlines and training content in the CAC course workbook and related handouts
  • Class discussion of:
    • The CAC coaching demonstrations
    • Executive functions and neurobiology
    • Various reading assignments
    • Identification of core coaching competencies — both ICF’s and those from the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC)
    • Questions, challenges and successes from your coaching efforts with clients with ADHD
  • Time with a trainer after class for your ADHD coaching questions

Trainers: Cameron Gott, PCC and Diane Thomson, CAPC, PCC

CAC Registration Information
ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours

While Coaching the ADHD Client is advanced ADHD coach training, it also provides intensive and comprehensive exposure to ADHD coaching methodology for experienced and classically-trained coaches. It’s a great choice for coach recertification hours since it has ICF’s Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours status. It is open to coaches with 60 hours of coach-specific training and 75 paid client hours as well as to Coach Approach graduates.

The CAC course is required for our Certified ADHD Organizer Coach and the Certified ADHD Productivity Coach credentials. It’s an optional requirement for recertification of the Certified Neurodiversity Coach credential. You do not need to be a credential holder or appliclant to register for this course.

6 weekly teleclasses (90 minutes each) — 9 CEU hours, 11.25 ACSTH

Recordings of the classes are available to course participants.

CAC is typically offered in the summer or early fall. For exact dates see the Advanced Coach Training Overview/Schedule or click on the red Register Nowbutton below.

$695 or three monthly payments of $240

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