Fostering Mindful Change (FMC)

Fostering Mindful Change is a cost-effective, monthly coach training class that offers practical, ongoing support in the use of a powerful and simple mindfulness coaching process. Learn to coach clients who want to create change in their lives.

Your coaching will be strengthened. Your ADHD clients will be able to anchor a positive and progressive perspective on their change efforts.

FMC Training Format & Course Description

The hour-long classes are part coach supervision, part coaching demo, and part instruction and discussion. In each class, students share ADHD client challenges and consider the opportunities within the framework of AEC (Awareness – Engagement – Completion) coach strategies. The training also offers an element of accountability to support the application of new skills.

While the AEC Model was created by Cam for ADHD coaching, it is a very effective tool for any client who wants to create change (e.g., in their own behaviors, in a project, in deeper mindfulness, or to meet a challenge).

Typically, classes include a coaching session (or a portion of a coaching session) to address a specific ADHD coaching challenge.

The closed FMC Facebook Group provides between-classes discussions and access to recordings.

Trainer: Cameron Gott, PCC

FMC Registration Info

A one-hour, monthly FMC seminar/lab is held ten months of each year (every month but January and July). It traditionally meets on the second Tuesday from Noon-1:00 pm Eastern (9-10:00 am Pacific).

FMC is one option for the second required advanced course for our ACC-level Certified Neurodiversity Coach credential.

FMC is a great choice for coach recertification hours). It’s open to CAT graduates — and to coaches trained outside CAT who have 60+ coach training hours & 75+ paid client hours.

Class recordings are available to all registered participants.

Up to 10 CEU hours — each class attended earns 1.0 hour for continuing education training. This is coach-specific training (and not structured to provide mentor coaching hours.

$195 Register from December to February for the upcoming calendar year of FMC sessions. To confirm next year’s class dates, see the Advanced Coach Training Overview/Schedule.

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