Graduate Coach Practicum (GCP)

Entering the Coaching Profession

The GCP course provides a transition for the foundation program graduate into the larger field of coaching. It’s designed to help a new coach locate her coaching purpose and confidently enter the profession on her own terms.

With a limited cohort, GCP has a seminar feel for a deep exploration of coaching themes and the coach/client dynamic.

GCP Training Content & Course Details

The Practicum includes these training elements anchored in six, alternate-week classes and related assignments:

  • Forty-five minutes of each class is shared between several repeated touch points relevant to a coach’s professional development and identity. Each is supported by assigned reflective questions and optional worksheets and resources. These touch points include:
    • A succinct business identity (marketing) message built progressively each week from evocative inquiries into memorable client experiences and personal service-delivery preferences and strengths.
    • An ongoing sharing about current coaching wins and challenges — with mentoring from the Practicum trainer and supportive inquiries and ideas from other coaches.
    • A deep-dive into each of six aspects of the coach credentialing application process. The focus is on demystifying the application elements and industry requirements. — as well as seminar discussions based on an assigned coaching text, to broaden your coaching philosophy and methodology and provide contrast with the Coach Approach model.
  • The second 45-minutes of each class is a discussion of a coaching text selected by the trainer. The books chapters are separated into six chunks, each addressed in order in subsequent classes. The chosen book introduces new coaches to an expanded or alternate take on coaching philosophy and methodology. This reading and discussion provides context for Coach Approach Training’s specific coaching culture and language.
  • Outside of class, each participant works on a graduate-level in independent project. Topics are intended to be self-serving for the individual but co-designed with the trainer to also be of use to the CAT community. Previous topics areas have included marketing, surveys, a core competency exploration, a coaching package or product (coaching habit development, vision board coaching workshop), an enhancement of an existing CAT course, etc.
  • GCP participants also meet outside of class in 2-person Skills Building Groups.  This open-topic, peer coaching can be used to support GCP business development or credentialing application efforts (or whatever you choose).
  • Finally, each coach submits a recorded coaching session which will receive trainer feedback based on ICF’s ACC coaching competence.

Trainer: Sara Skillen, COLC, PCC

GCP Registration Info

The Graduate Coach Practicum is designed to support the CAT foundation program graduate who is aiming for a coaching credential. 

It’s one of two courses that meet the advanced training requirement for two of our ACC-level credentials. GCP is a requirement option for the Certified Organizer Coach credential (the alternate is Body-Based Coaching) — and it’s also an option for the Certified Productivity Coach credential. (That alternate training is Productivity Coaching.)

GCP is also required for two of our PCC-level certifications: Professional Certified Organizer Coach and Certified Organizer Life Coach. It also qualifies as an alternate advanced course for the Professional Certified Productivity Coach credential as well.

Open to Coach Approach Training Foundation Graduates only.

Cohorts are limited to ten students.

GCP includes six, alternate-week, 90-minute, live videoconference sessions.

9 CEU hours — 11.25 ACSTH Hours

GCP training typically extends from early September to early December each year. For exact dates see the Advanced Coach Training Overview/Schedule — or click on the Registration link below.

$695 (or three monthly payments of $240)

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