Neurodiversity Support & Advocacy (NSA)

This course challenges and deepens each coach’s understanding of neurodiversity.  NSA stretches our capacity to truly see and engage each client as NCRW (naturally creative, resourceful and whole), regardless of their brain wiring. 

Coach clients who are neurodivergent into clear and compassionate self-knowledge regarding their needs and best functioning.  Strengthened self-knowledge empowers a client’s self-advocacy, resilience and personal agency. They are prepared to claim and live their ‘best life’ — a customized ‘Life that Fits’ them uniquely.

NSA teaches each coach a comprehensive, experiential and personal understanding of neurodiversity. By necessity, this profound understanding nurtures a coaching mindset built on curiosity and the creation of trust. From this base, the client is engaged as their own best expert. Client-driven strategies are designed through experimentation and reflection. The client’s growth mindset and voice emerges and gains confidence.

NSA Training Formats & Course Details

NSA includes three powerful course modules:

  • The Identity Module helps one consider their life experience through the lens of identities. The Identity Workbook exercises illuminate the role and impact of identity development and processing in your own life. The goal is to sensitize you as a coach – strengthening your listening and exploration skills to support your clients’ identity formation and integration. This is relevant to neurodiversity and many other compelling aspects of identity (gender, cultural, ethnic, professional, etc.) speaking to a client’s holistic reality.
  • The Neurodiversity Module provides an overview and understanding of neurodiversity in functioning (organizing/productivity) and coaching. This module is supported by a recorded, three-part neurodiversity presentation, Neurodiversity Reflections Worksheets, and documents of the slides and script.
  • The Essential Structures Case Study Module captures your experience of a (minimum) 6-session coaching journey with a client who is neurodivergent. Coach your recruited client using the Essential Structures framework and your client’s choice of holistic tools. The ES empower self-knowledge and a personal foundation for managing one’s life. Write up your case study experience and read the reports of others in the course.
NSA Registration Info

Neurodiversity Support & Advocacy is a great choice for ongoing coach education for recertification. NSA is open to coaches with 60 hours of coach-specific training and 75 paid client hours as well as to Coach Approach graduates.

NSA is required training for our Certified Neurodiversity Coach credential. It’s an optional requirement for our two PCC-level ADHD credentials (Certified ADHD Productivity Coach and Certified ADHD Organizer Coach) and an elective course for all other credentials. You do not need to be a credential applicant to register for this course. 

Trainers: Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO, CPO-CD and Lee Popiolek, CNC, ACC

6-weekly, live, videoconference classes (90-minutes each)

9 CEU hours — 11.25 ACSTH Hours

NSA is typically offered each summer. For exact dates see the Advanced Coach Training Overview/Schedule or the Registration Link.

$795 (or 3 monthly payments of $270)

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