Trainers & Staff

Each member of our faculty community has been deeply moved by the impact of coaching in their lives and in the lives of their clients. They were chosen because of their strong coaching skills and their passion to share the power of coaching with students. Following the founders’ lead, they, too, are determined to provide collaborative, compassionate, meaningful and powerful training environments. Our trainers actively support each other in growing as trainers.

Our support staff has a demonstrated commitment to our program and work. They show up with big hearts and great smarts.

Each name is followed by the year the individual joined the Coach Approach team.

Founders, Curriculum Designers & Supervising Trainers

Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO-CD, CPO (2006)

Cameron Gott, PCC, BCC (2006)


Elizabeth Brink, ACC, CNC (2023)

Ellen Faye, CPLC, PCC, CPO (2015)

Susan J. Lieber, PCC, CAPC, CPO (2016)

Casey Moore, MA, CPLC, PCC, CPO (2016)

Lee Popiolek, CNC, ACC (2020)

Andrea Sharb, PCC, CPO, COC (2010, emeritus)

Sara Skillen, COLC, PCC (2020)

Teresa Taylor, MBA, CPC (2021)

Diane Thomson, MS, CAPC, PCC (2019)

Ari Tuckman, PsyD (2014)


Sara Cummings, ACC (2022)

Katrina Green (2022)

Suzanne Langford (2020)

Aja Riggs, CPO (2006)

Jeanette Pearson (2010, emeritus)

Denslow Brown

Denslow Brown, CPO, CPO-CD, MCC is the visionary founder, with Cam Gott, of Coach Approach Training. She is CAT’s director of education — and the director of credentialing of the Institute for Applied Coaching, CAT’s fully integrated partner. IAC evaluates the applications and administers the coaching credentials earned by CAT coaches.

Widely quoted and consulted, Denslow is active in the organizing, ADHD and coaching fields. Her background, experience, and training have uniquely qualified her to launch and oversee this pioneering enterprise. [more on the Philosophy/History page]

On the initial training team for most Coach Approach courses as they are launched, Denslow is currently the trainer for Strengths-Based Coaching, Life & ADHD Coaching, Coaching Integration, Coaching Skills Lab, ADHD Education, Graduate Coach Practicum and Graduate Book Analysis.

Denslow became a professional organizer in 1974 and has been active in that industry since its formation — as a leader, volunteer and honoree. [more]

— A veteran in the organizing industry, she has been active within NAPO and ICD (formerly NSGCD) since their inceptions.
— Denslow received the President’s and Founders’ Awards from the National Association or Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the Judith Kolberg Award from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, those organizations’ highest honors.
— She’s served on NAPO’s national board, edited NAPO News, founded and led the Quantum Leap Task Force, NAPO’s first community service program, for 10 years.
— Details on Denslow’s service to ICD are listed in the question on teaching professionally, below.

Denslow was the first and is, perhaps, still the only person with the three highest credentials in the coaching and organizing fields. [more]

Although she’s proud of being measured and found qualified for these credentials, she was motivated by the goals of ICF accreditation for her coach training program and providing training her students can use for continuing education.
— Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization and, later, Master Trainer — 2003 (inaugural year) — Institute for Challenging Disorganization
— Master Certified Coach — 2006 (International Coaching Federation)
— Certified Professional Organizer — 2007 (inaugural year) Board of Certified Professional Organizers

In addition to co-creating the 20-course curriculum for Coach Approach Training, Denslow has taught professionally for decades, nationally and internationally. [more]

— She offered organizing and time management workshops independently and through The Crystal Quilt educational program in New York City in the 1980s and 90s.
— At the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, she presented workshops on ADHD and Women (three each year for a decade).
— Within the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (and its precursor, the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization), she was the original trainer on adult ADHD in the 1990s and created numerous teleclasses on working with clients with ADHD. She’s ICD’s primary trainer and the mentor coach in their Level IV and V programs, including the labs on motivating, communicating and presenting — as well as their coaching skills training, which she created.
— Within the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), Denslow was on the task force to design the training tract for the Brain-Based Conditions Specialist Certificate and the creator of the 2-hour required course: Communicating with Clients with Emotional, Cognitive or Behavioral Difficulties. 
— Denslow is been a frequent national and international conference presenter, speaking on a wide variety of topics related to organizing, productivity, ADHD and coaching for NAPO, ICD, CHADD (Children & Adults with ADHD), ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association) and JALO (Japanese Association of Professional Organizers).

Denslow is an author — and a contributor to several publications. [more]

— The Processing Modalities Guide: Identify and Use Specific Strengths for Better Functioning … for Organizers, Coaches – and Those Who Want to Live with More Ease and Effectiveness – and Less Frustration (2013)
Recognizing & Respecting the Lines: Distinguishing between Coaching, Organizing and Psychotherapy (2012) link for R&R and the PM Guide
— Several chapters in these texts from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (available from online booksellers): The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization: for Professional Organizers (2012) and The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers: For Related Professionals (2014)
— And a wide range of articles written to supplement CA Training — and available to students: Finding & Selecting and ADHD Coach, Essential Structures, BE-CAUSE Coaching Skills Model, Coaching Skills & Terms Defined, more

Denslow also works with clients through a private coaching and virtual organizing practice. [more]

— as an ADHD Coach with adults who are interested in understanding and working with their brains more effectively
— as a Mentor Coach for professional organizers, productivity consultants and coaches on business direction and transformation, client supervision and more
— as a Mentor Coach for coaches on coaching competence (in preparation for a credentialing application’s recorded session)

Denslow has a deep commitment her own professional development. Eventually she chose training that would prepare her to meet the needs of her students and clients. [more]

— Denslow began as an organizer before there was an organizing industry or even popular books on the subject. She learned with and from her clients. But once the industry grew she has attended nearly all annual conferences offered by NAPO and ICD (and often presented).
— Master Certified Coaches must have 200 hours of coach training to apply — and 24-40 additional coach-specific training hours each time they recertify (which Denslow has done six times). Her coach training and lineage can be traced through these industry leaders: Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC (The Optimal Functioning Institute), Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC (Life BluePrint Coaching), Steven Filante, PCC of Coaches Training Institute, Wilma Feldman (Career Coaching for ADD-LD Adults), Barbara Luther, MCC (coach business planning, inattentive ADHD, and evaluating coaching sessions for credentialing), Paulette Rao, MCC (David Rock’s Results Coaching System), Marion Franklin, MCC (Laser-Focused Coaching) and others.
— To support her work in coach credentialing, Denslow was mentored by Barbara Luther, MCC and trained by ICF as a mentor coach and in an intensive program on coach session assessments using ICF PCC Marker system. The marker-tracking forms she developed for herself as a student were adopted by coaches from other coach training programs.
— Her education about ADHD began in the late 1980’s when her sister and nieces were diagnosed. By the 1990;’s she was attending almost all of the annual training conferences offered by Children & Adults with ADD (CHADD), Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) and the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO). Again she quickly moved into a presenter role, too, as she was in the remarkable professional position to merging coaching/ADHD/organizing strategies. CHADD, ADDA and ACO now collaborate on a single annual conference.

Cameron Gott

Cameron Gott, Coach Approach Trainer

Cameron Gott, PCC, BCC is the co-founder of the Coach Approach Training program. He and Denslow have collaborated in the creation and evolution of the curriculum and the supervision of new faculty. He is the chief architect of several of the models we use throughout the curriculum: the AEC (Awareness-Engagement-Completion) coaching model, and the TOSCA and ABROS coaching process models.

With a background in education, Cam began his own coach training in 1998 and subsequently received training and certification through the demanding program at The Coaches Training Institute. He is a frequent and popular presenter at the International ADHD Conferences.

An ADD coach (, Cam works with professionals who want to match action with intention and take their game to the next level. Besides coaching adults with ADD, Cam mentors ADD coaches-in-training. He is the co-creator of the popular podcast, Translating ADHD. He is the author of the Global Creative blog. (which addresses a wide range of of ADD work topics) and with Casey Moore, of the e-book, Curious Accountability: Three Coaching Conversations for Better Client Results.

Cam was the senior trainer of our introductory course Coaching Essentials, for more than a decade. With Denslow, he taught the other foundation courses for almost 20 years. He is the supervising trainer for the advanced course, Coaching the ADHD Client (from Awareness to Completion; for the monthly advanced seminar-lab course, Fostering Mindful Change; and for several of the advanced mentor-lab courses.

Elizabeth Brink

Elizabeth Brink, ACC, CNC helps neurodivergent people cultivate self-trust to design a life that works for them and embrace their uniquely beautiful way of moving through the world.  Her integrated approach is focused on self-acceptance and body-based awareness. She focuses on chronic stress, trauma, body-based/somatic practices, and self-partnership within the framework of neurodivergent coaching.  She named her business Thriving Sister Coaching.

 Elizabeth is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  She is a graduate of the Coach Approach Foundation Program and has earned a Certified Neurodiversity Coach credential from IAC.  She also holds certificates in somatic trauma healing and somatic attachment modalities through The Embody Lab.  Prior to this training she was mentored by some of the ADHD coaching greats, Nancy Ratey and Linda Roggli.  

Before coaching, Elizabeth enjoyed a career in project management, corporate communications, and employee engagement in big tech, non-profits, and for a boutique strategy consulting firm. She understands what it’s like for neurodivergent people navigating the job market and workplace, and enjoys supporting clients with their professional paths.  

She lives in Kansas City, MO with her husband and two young children. She spends her down time refereeing preschooler brawls, researching hobbies, baking, doing jigsaw puzzles, and listening to podcasts.

Ellen Faye

Ellen Faye, CPLC, PCC, CPO was an early Coach Approach student. She earned her Certified Organizer Coach credential in 2011 and was the first person to be credentialed a Certified Productivity Leadership Coach (2019). 

In her business, Ellen Faye Coaching, LLC Ellen works with business and non-profit professionals (and their teams) to improve their productivity and effectiveness. Her passion is for great leadership and effective coaching. Originally based in New Jersey outside Philadelphia, she directs her business from Naples, Florida.

Ellen is a past president of the NAPO Board of Directors. She has chaired two NAPO conferences, holds several ICD certificates of study and is a member of the 2007 inaugural class of Certified Professional Organizers.

Her study of leadership began as a teenager and continued into the private sector, and on to the non-profit world. Her 12 years of corporate leadership positions coupled with 25 collective years on non-profit boards made her the ideal person to support coaches through our dynamic Leadership Coach curriculum which she created with Cam and Denslow.

Ellen is author of the 2022 book Productivity for How You’re Wired: Better Work. Better Life. A Roadmap for Real Change.

Ellen is the trainer of the follow courses: Coaching Effective Leaders: Inspiring Change and Cultivate Coaching Courage.

Susan Lieber

Susan J. Lieber, PCC, CAPC, CPO stepped on the coaching path with Denslow and Cam and has never looked back. She was credentialed by IAC as a Certified Organizer Coach (2011) and a Certified ADHD Organizer Coach (2017) and as a Professional Certified Coach (2017) by ICF.

Susan specializes in coaching ADHD adults in business, professional, and personal life, as well as students. She has been dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of living with ADHD since her adult sons were diagnosed as young children. Through the coaching process, Susan’s clients come to realize that managing daily demands while living with ADHD isn’t a matter of working harder, but rather smarter by gaining an understanding of their unique ADHD. By exploring new perspectives, developing personalized strategies and gaining a deeper appreciation of their strengths, clients are empowered to lead a fulfilling and productive life.

In addition to working with clients, Susan provides presentations on a variety of topics related to living with ADHD. She’s based in Pittsburgh. Susan regularly attends coaching and ADHD related conferences/webinars to support her ongoing desire to learn and grow professionally.

Susan’s original training and first career was as an occupational therapist. Then she became a professional organizer. Her background informs her perspective and benefits her students. Susan began working with us in 2016 as an assistant trainer for multiple Coach Approach foundation courses. She is now the senior trainer for Brain-Based Coaching.

Casey Moore

Casey Moore, MA, CPLC, PCC, CPO was a member of the second Coach Approach Foundation Program cohort and became credentialed by the Institute for Applied Coaching as a Certified Organizer Coach in 2011. She has continued to sharpen her coaching skills through courses, mentoring and client experience and earned the Professional Certified Organizer Coach credential the year it was launched (2014). She now holds IAC’s Certified Productivity Leadership Coach credential.

The Productivity Coach, Casey empowers busy professionals to regain control of their work and lives as a coach, trainer and speaker. A thought-leader in the productivity industry, she is the author of the book, The Productivity Chain and the related assessment. With Cameron Gott, she is the co-author of Curious Accountability: Three Conversations for Better Client Results. Casey and Cam contributed a chapter on that topic to ICD’s new book, The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers. A professional speaker and trainer for over twenty-five years, Casey holds certificates in Chronic Disorganization and Attention Deficit Disorder from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and is an active member (and past board member) of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). 

Casey’s training experience, holistic approach to productivity, focus on practical applications of ideas, and deep passion for encouraging others’ growth make her a great fit for the Coach Approach faculty. Casey is the co-creator and trainer of our advanced course, Productivity Coaching: Fostering Awareness, Perspective and Action, which uses her book as a text. After serving as an assistant trainer for many years, Casey is now the trusted senior trainer for our critical introductory course: Coaching Essentials. She also leads some of the CAT Core Competency Intensive (mentor-lab) courses.

Lee Popiolek

Lee Popiolek, CNC, ACC is the co-creator and co-trainer for the Neurodiversity Support & Advocacy advanced course. A graduate of the Coach Approach Foundation training program (CAT), Lee received the first Certified Neurodiversity Coach credential from the Institute for Applied Coaching (IAC). She is also credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Lee began her career as a professional organizer and holds Specialist certificates in Chronic Disorganization, ADHD Organizing, and Hoarding from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). Lee is the owner of White Lotus Organizing and Coaching.

Lee works collaboratively with multiply neurodivergent clients of all ages to find their strengths, build routines and systems, learn self-advocacy skills and embark on a journey gaining self-knowledge, resilience, and personal agency.

Lee is neurodivergent and comes from a neurodiverse family. Her daughter is a brilliant, funny, creative young woman who also happens to be multiply neurodivergent. Her journey with her daughter led to her journey as an Organizer (ICD) and Coach (CAT-IAC, ICF).

Andrea Sharb

Andrea Sharb, PCC, CPO, COC, was in the first group of graduates from the foundation program of Coach Approach Training. She was credentialed by the Institute for Applied Coaching as a Certified Organizer Coach (2009). She earned the designation of Certified Professional Organizer in 2010). In 2012, she earned the International Coach Federation’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.

Andrea’s business is S.O.S. ~ Sharb Organizing Solutions, LLC described on her website  Her most rewarding work is with clients who are chronically disorganized, especially adults with ADHD.

Andrea is committed to on-going training through several sources, including 50 hours of continuing coach education with the late Doug Silsbee, PCC (author of Presence-Based Coaching). Andrea is an active member of the International Coach Federation, ICD, NAPO and CHADD. She has served her professional community as treasurer of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and the president of the NAPO-Ohio Chapter. She lives in Cleveland.

Andrea’s previous work as a corporate trainer, her positive experiences as an organizer coach, and her belief in the power of integrating organizing and coaching make her a strong trainer. She was the first person Denslow and Cam added to the Coach Approach Training team.

She took on the important role of assistant trainer of Coaching Essentials, our introductory coaching course, three times a year from 2011 to 2016.  She is currently the primary trainer and content designer for the Client Enrollment: Best Practices course, which is open to graduates and advanced foundation students.

Sara Skillen

Sara Skillen, PCC, COLC, CPO, is the founder of SkillSet Coaching in Nashville, TN. With a varied background in music, education, and the legal world, Sara has always been intrigued by how environments (both exterior and interior) affect work, productivity, and life. As a result, she was inspired to start her company in 2012, helping creative and neurodiverse people from all walks of life manage their stuff, time, and ADHD/productivity coaching and professional organizing business serving the Greater Nashville, TN area. With a varied background in music, education, and the legal world, Sara has always been intrigued by how environments (both exterior and interior) affect work, productivity, and life. She is inspired to help overwhelmed people from all walks of life manage their stuff, time, and tasks.

In addition to coaching, Sara is a certified Interfaith Spiritual Director, a member of the holistic health practice The Lotus Center in Nashville and has been assisting with training student coaches through Coach Approach since 2019. Specializing in working with adults with ADHD, she is a co-facilitator of the long-running ADDNashville support group. Sara is a member of NAPO and has served in a variety of leadership positions in that organization. In July of 2023, she joined the board of directors of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization as Director of Subscriber Relations.

Sara’s writing has appeared in numerous publications including Unconditionally Her magazine, the ”Human Amplified” blog, and her own blog, “The Stuff Behind the Stuff™.” She published her first book, Organizing and Big Scary Goals in December of 2019. In addition to her client work, teaching, and writing, Sara continually studies the impact of awareness, observation, and inner work on creating holistic, real-life order.

Sara is the trainer for the Holistic Time Coaching advanced course and the Brain-Based Coaching foundation course.

Teresa Taylor

Teresa Taylor, MBA, CPC started her coaching training to help her organizing clients move forward even when they couldn’t move the stuff.  She saw the opportunity to help more people through coaching and graduated from the Coach Approach Training Foundation Program in 2015.  She earned the Certified Organizer Coach credential in 2017.

As A Taylored Space grew to include coaching more entrepreneurs and executives Teresa combined her background in process management, business systems, organizing and professional development to lead trainings, multiday events and an online community focused on productivity and leadership. Teresa earned the Certified Productivity Coach credential in 2020 and continues to partner with her clients in leveraging executive functioning, productivity, and leadership skills. 

Teresa deepens her commitment to education through volunteer leadership roles such as the National Association of Organizing & Productivity Professionals’ (NAPO) Education Committee Chair where she led the development of 3 Certificates including Team Productivity and Brain Based Conditions and the ADHD Coaches Organization’s (ACO) DEI Task Force.

Inspired by her sister who is living with ADHD, Teresa presented at the 2021 International ADHD Conference on “Executive Functioning, Achievement and Quality of Life in One Family of Black Women.”

In 2022 Teresa created and hosted the Black Women ADHD Summit.  After recognizing there was a gap to Black Women accessing culturally competent support to help them increase understanding and acceptance of their ADHD, Teresa set out to build spaces to elevate the community.  She also hosts virtual training and events to engage Black Women with ADHD in building the perspectives and strategies needed to improve their professional and personal lives.

Teresa is an assistant trainer for the Life & ADHD Coaching foundation course — and a contributor to the curriculum of the Neurodiversity Support & Advocacy advanced course.

Diane Thomson

Diane Thomson, MS, CAPC, PCC is a 2013 graduate of the Coach Approach Training Foundation Program. She earned the Certified Organizer Coach credential in 2014 and the Certified ADHD Productivity Coach credential in 2020. Diane has also earned the Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Association of Coaches (ICF).

Diane began her work as a professional organizer in 2003.  She rebranded in 2016 as Thomson Blueprints for Living, to reflect the incorporation of coaching into her services.  Drawing on her experience in coaching, ADHD education, and the transfer of organization and productivity skills, Diane creates and leads groups, workshops and presentations on ADHD, student organization skills, and life management skills.

She is a member of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and its New Jersey Chapter.  She’s held several chapter board positions and chaired their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force. Diane is passionately active in promoting racial equity and inclusion in all her communities.

Before becoming an organizer, Diane (MS, Dance/Movement Therapy) led psychotherapeutic groups, using both movement and verbal techniques in mental health and substance abuse programs in NYC. More recently, she has earned Certificates of Study (Students, Chronic Disorganization and ADHD) from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD).

Diane supports the trainers and curriculum for several Coach Approach courses. She is the assistant trainer for Coaching the ADHD Client from Awareness to Action and the trainer for Body Based Coaching.

Ari Tuckman

Ari Tuckman, Coach Approach Trainer

Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA is a widely admired and respected clinical psychologist and ADHD educator. He practices in West Chester, PA.

Ari is the author of four books on ADHD: ADHD After Dark: Better Sex Life, Better Relationship (August 2019); Understand Your Brain, Get More Done: The ADHD Executive Functions Workbook; More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD; Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD: A Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide for Clinicians. He also has a podcast: More Attention, Less Deficit. Info on Ari’s books/podcast.

He is the current conference co-chair and a past board member of Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) and a former vice-president of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA).

Ari is the co-creator and co-trainer with Denslow of the advanced course: ADHD Education: Knowledge is Power!


One of the most fortuitous things about bridging the coaching and organizing/productivity fields is that we have been able to draw on the organizationally-gifted to take on administrative tasks and other behind-the-scenes roles. These professionals have been invited to describe their actual professions beginning with their second paragraph. Their first paragraphs describes the work they do for CAT-IAC.

Sara Cummings

Sara Cummings, MA, ACC is the CAT Communications Coordinator. She maintains the lists, announcements and promotions for all scheduled courses. (So easy to describe; such a big job to pull off.!)

Sara’s started her business, All Sorts Organizing based in Virginia Beach, VA in 2016. She’s a Coach Approach Foundation Graduate and an ICF Associate Certified Coach. She added coaching to her services in 2021, and recently became a Positive Intelligence coach.

She is a member of ICF (international and the Virginia chapter), the ADHD Coaches Organization, and NAPO (national and the Washington DC chapter).

Her mission in work and life is helping people find space and time for the things that really matter. She spends her own spare time honing in on what those things actually are.

Katrina Green

As the CAT-IAC Registrar, Katrina Green translates student registrations into financial spread sheets and course rosters and translates Google form responses into skills group preferences and training material reports to facilitate course start-ups. Weeks later, when course trainers report on student completions, she updates the official transcripts and issues completion documents. She also takes on special projects offered by Denslow.

Katrina’s business is Badass Homelife, based in the Sacramento, CA area, which she founded in 2017. “It wasn’t until I shared a home with my husband that I truly fell in love with the Power of Organization. He was diagnosed with adult ADHD in 2018 and as I learn more about brain based challenges and solutions, I saw how routines and home systems dramatically improved the way he lived, the way we communicated, and how much confidence he gained when he no longer worried about the ‘minutiae of things’.”

With personal experience, specialized education (including coach training) and neurodivergent certifications, Katrina helps neurodivergent folks create organizing solutions and routines that make them feel good — and allow them to fall in love with their homes.

Katrina is a 2023 CAT Foundation Program Graduate. She’s a member of the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers, the National Association of Black Professional Organizers and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). ICD has recognized her study and expertise wtih the ADHD Organizing Specialist certificate. She is also ICD’s Marketing Director and serves on their Board of Directors.

Suzanne Langford

Suzanne Langford has worked on two important projects for Coach Approach. When the International Coaching Federation (ICF) revised its list of core coaching competencies, this defining list went from eleven categories with 55 sub-points to eight categories and 44 sub-points. As an ICF-accredited coach training program, we had to analyze every training segment in each of our 20 courses to determine where each new core competency category and sub-point were being taught. Suzanne created cross-referencing maps to tag discrete coaching behaviors and skills in for each of the ICF CC lists and for each of our courses and their content. (Genius!) Then she went through each class agenda in track changes, listing the new correlations (and describing the contradictions and conflicts) so Denslow could move through the information and finalize the curriculum analysis for ICF approval.

Her second CAT project is ongoing. After a course is taught, Suzanne goes into the Coaches Learning Lab spaces to export the posts from selected forum discussions and cleans them up. The result is a remarkable record of student insights on myriad topics: their own and others’ modalities, communication challenges and solutions, the coach-training journey, and so much more!

Suzanne is semi-retired from her Houston organizer-coaching business, ReVision-It! Her graduate project Clash or Complement: When Faith Traditions Encounter Coaching Principles and Practices, demonstrated her special ability to tackle the complex with thoughtfulness and respect.

Aja Riggs

An even longer-term friend, Aja has been working with Denslow weekly for more than 25 years, before Coach Approach was founded. Aja’s roles have rotated and evolved. Currently she provides bookkeeping and body double support. She also tracks the ever-evolving IAC credentialing documents and ICF policies. She is a trusted advisor in the areas of finances, productivity, integrity, reactivity and reality.

Aja’s business, Riggs Organizing, is based in Santa Fe, NM.

Jeanette Pearson, emeritus

A former legal secretary, non-profit administrator, massage therapist and trade show strategist, Jeanette Pearson worked as the CAT-IAC administrator and Denslow’s assistant for over 10 years. With extraordinary good grace, she helped Coach Approach for Organizers become Coach Approach Training / Institute for Applied Coaching. Courses, systems and standards evolved with Jeanette’s careful attention to detail and procedure. An excellent communicator, she is deeply missed. Her home is in the Missouri Ozarks Mountains near CAT-IAC headquarters. Jeanette is retired — living with and slowly recovering from long COVID.