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Before training and becoming credentialed as coaches, the people in this directory worked as organizing and productivity consultants, working side-by-side with clients at their businesses or homes. A few of them worked as ADHD or neurodiversity educators or networkers. Their coach training was virtual and they now deliver all services virtually, although some still also work onsite.

However, it’s their on-site client experiences that give these coaches something extra. They have logged hundreds of hands-on hours with clients, addressing broken-down systems and the lack of systems. They’ve witnessed clients struggling in person with self-criticism, overwhelm, backlogged projects, clutter, and failed strategies. And they helped their clients reclaim their confidence, strategies and spaces — and made them work.

Coaches understand the challenges of change. Change happens for people when the need is undeniable, when a new perspective is embraced, and when choice and focus combine. It’s easy to underestimate the status quo-reinforcing impact of environments (things, systems, shifting mindsets, and other people). Our coaches are extraordinary because they have a deep understanding of their clients’ in-the-trenches factors and realities.

You may want a coach who can join you in your environment or meet you in person. The directory allows you to search for the professionals in your area. But, if you don’t need hands-on help, choose the coach who best fits your needs based on criteria other than location. We have learned much about working long-distance — and coaching is suited to take advantage of that convenience, efficiency and privacy.

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Julie Gray

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Profound Impact

  • PCOC: Professional Certified Organizer Coach (IAC)
  • PCC: Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Adults
  • Leadership
  • Life Management
  • Productivity
  • Coaching by Phone or Video Call

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Marshall, Virginia, US

More Information:

I have worked with hundreds of professionals, groups, and teens since starting my practice in 2007. [Julie is also a popular blogger and speaker.]

As a certified coach, I work with you to naturally reduce stress, overcome anxiety, and stop procrastinating by uncovering the strategies that actually work for you and your life. This results greater productivity, creativity, and well-being.

When we align with who we are it is much easier to discover the systems and strategies that are best suited for how we best operate. Rather than attempting to fit ourselves into a new strategy – we learn how to mold the strategy to fit us. The implications of this logical understanding are vast – there is more ease in our experience – allowing life to unfold. There's less need to control or manage everything. and an unwinding that occurs as we get clearer on what it means to make life really work for you.

Julie's PCOC is held in emeritus status for her years of CAT-IAC training & leadership.


Julie wrote the eGuide: TRUE FOR YOU TIME MANAGEMENT.