Coach Integration (CI)

Integration & Completion for the Foundation Coach Training

Completing Coach Integration results in Coach Approach Foundation Program Graduation. This four-session, four-week course is a focused learning and integration experience. It draws together the many coaching skills, models and strategies taught in the foundation training.

CI provides a pause for the emerging coaches to reflect on and clarify the focus they want for their coaching services. It also offers closure and celebration for community cohort (the trainers and student colleagues who have learned together for a year or more).

The CI course provides a structure for emerging coaches to integrate the multifaceted coaching methodologies they’ve been taught. It includes

  • A deep and consolidated review of the many opportunities to use coaching with consulting clients
  • An ongoing client coaching lab experience and small group discussion
  • Strong support to transfer to each pending graduate the ability and responsibility to design the ongoing coaching practice they want and need
  • The opportunity to finalize the customized definition of coaching which best captures the ways they intend to offer stand-alone coaching services and/or to assimilate coaching into their consulting and onsite work.
  • Access to a wealth of graduate projects on the several topics: the process of becoming a coach, coaching practice documents, advanced applications of coaching methodology, coaching strategies for specific populations, and marketing resources
  • Support to determine if/when/how/where to pursue a coaching credential

CI is the fifth and last required foundation course. The pre-requisites are Coaching Essentials, Strengths-Based Coaching, Brain-Based Coaching and Life and ADHD Coaching.

CI Trainers

Denslow Brown, MCC and Elizabeth Brink, CNC, ACC

CI Course Registration Info

CI meets every spring around May. Find the next CI course dates and times on the Foundation Coach Training Overview/Schedule or by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button. The registration deadline is 2 weeks before Class 1.

Registration includes access to the CI Coaches Learning Lab (on-line learning center for forums, trainer communication, access to training materials and participant profiles). 

You may register for this course individually or as part of the three-course or four-course foundation package. (Package registration deadlines are two weeks before the first class of the first course in the package — typically many months before the CI start date.)

CI Course Details

How is this course structured?

—  Four weekly, 90-minute classes with 2 trainers via videoconference (See the course calendar or registration page for dates and any scheduled holiday or industry accommodations.)
—  Class time training includes instruction, discussion and review Q&A, followeed by a choice between two focused discussions (either straight-up ADHD coaching
—  Opportunities for further discussion with a trainer after each class
—  Three weekly, 90-minute Skills Building Group (SBG) meetings to practice whole-session coaching with another coach
—  Additional between-class assignments (see below for details)

What do I need to do for the course start-up (before Class 1) and how much time should I schedule to complete these tasks? 

— Typically, you will receive start-up instructions and tasks 2 weeks prior to the first class. Allow 2+ hours to complete all CI Coaching start-up tasks
— Read through the CI Course Overview and the start-up document (½ hour) and schedule time to complete the following start-up tasks.
— Communicate your Skills Building Group (SBG) scheduling & trainer materials preferences via email (½ hour) — and then coordinate with your SBG partner to set up your meeting schedule (½ hour)
— Customize the SBG Report form to suit your needs (¼ hour)
— Log in to the CI Coaches Learning Lab (CI CLL) and download and review the documents needed for Class 1 (¼ hour)
— From the CI Coaches Learning Lab, download the remaining CI training materials and print, organize and review them to be fully oriented to this course (¾ hour)

What are the weekly course assignments and how much time should I schedule to complete them?

— The outside-of-class assignment completion times vary from student to student, but expect to spend an additional 3-5 hours each week
— Complete weekly reading assignments (course handouts, student projects) and prepare to comment or ask questions in class (½-1 hour)
— Complete forum post assignments (½ hour)
— Prepare for your weekly SBG meeting (generally ¼ hour) and attend/participate in it (1½-2 hours)
— Listen to the recording of your SBG meeting and complete the SBG Report (1 hour)
— Review new documents that will be used in each upcoming class (¼ hour)

What are the course closure assignments and how much time should I schedule to complete them?

— Complete an online course evaluation (15-30 minutes)
— While these are not course assignments, you will receive a graduation logo for marketing and be encouraged to create announcements of and celebrate your graduation accomplishment (minimum ½ hour)!

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