Mentor-Lab Training

We schedule four or five group mentor-lab courses each year.  Each course meets ICF and IAC credentialing requirements for group mentor coaching. 

The training format is consistent: each of the five 90-minute classes includes a coaching session, discussion and some trainer instruction. These courses provide a focused and collaborative, small-group learning environment to strengthen coaching skills and insights.

Each course addresses all core coaching competencies, the coaching process and standards for credentialing.  However, if the initials/words “CCI” or “Core Competency Intensive” are in the course title, that’s your cue that the trainer will use the lens of a particular competency to view the integration of the elements of a coaching session.

Mentor-lab courses provide excellent coach-specific training and continuing coach education for recertification.

CAT Mentor-Lab Coaching Course Pages

These links take you to the pages that describe our many mentor-lab courses.

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Mentor Coaching Requirements

The International Coaching Federation stipulates the following Mentor Coaching Guidelines for a new or recertifying credential application. As an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program, CAT’s Group Mentor CoachingCore Competency Intensives, and Core Competency Intensives: ADHD Focus are structured to generously meet those ICF guidelines:

Per ICF, a coaching credential application must document ten hours of “professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency and capability demanded by the desired credential level.” [Note: this narrow definition of coach mentoring is specific to mentor coaching for a credentialing application.]

Additional ICF (and IAC) requirements stipulate that:

  • Seven of the ten hours may be gained in a group environment of less than 10 students. Coach Approach limits our mentor-lab course registration to 4-7 students.
  • At least three of the ten required mentor coaching hours must be individual (one-on-one with the mentor coach). Registration Option 2 provides for these individual hours at a savings.
  • The ten hours of training must extend over no less than 3 months.
  • The trainer must have an ICF credential at the same or a higher level than the credential the participant is applying for. (If mentoring an individual for a same-level credential, the coach must have recertified their credential at least once.)
Mentor-Lab Training Schedule
Mentor-Lab Registration & Payment Options

Generally, registration deadlines for these courses are 10-14 days before the first class.