Body-Based Coaching (BoBC)

The body holds wisdom, resources, and strategies that are too often untapped or overlooked by coaches and clients alike. Take this opportunity to nurture your own connection to the body and discover how transformative it can be for your clients to leverage this resource within and between their coaching sessions.

  • Develop your own body awareness and learn how to do the same for your clients
  • Deepen your listening, intuitive skills and coaching presence
  • Learn practical body-based techniques to leverage within coaching sessions: managing emotions, intuition, and perspectives; decision-making; confidence; setting boundaries; and more

Independent and outside-of-class training elements include body-based exercises, a case study, and weekly, two-person skills-building sessions. In class, coaching skills and applications build on body-based exercises and coaching demonstrations, instruction in body-based concepts and resources, related ADHD (executive functioning) client challenges and strategies, and a review of between class coaching efforts. An online learning center provides assigned and optional forums for additional course-related discussions and resource sharing.

Trainer: Diane Thomson, CAPC, PCC

9 CEU hours β€” 11.25 ACSTH Hours

Typically offered in the late spring every year β€” for exact dates see the Advanced Coach Training Overview/Schedule or the Registration Page.

Body-Based Coaching is required for the Professional Certified Organizer Coach, Certified Organizer Life Coach, and the Certified ADHD Organizer Coach credentials.  It’s an alternate requirement for the Certified Organizer Coach and the Certified Productivity Coach credentials.

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