We provide coach training and coach credentialing. Our aspiring coaches come from the organizing, productivity, educational, mental health and ADHD fields. Coaches trained through other programs will find innovative and substantive advanced coach training, group and individual mentor coaching, and CCEs.

Welcome to Coach Approach Training!

We provide extraordinary coach training – whether you’re new to coaching or a trained coach looking for innovative and focused continuing education, mentoring, or ADHD coach training.

We train coaches in engaged, connected, course groups of 6-15, always with two trainers unless the cohort is small. There is trainer access before and/or after each class. Our Coaches Learning Lab has an online ‘room’ for each course with access to training materials and discussion forums. Each class is recorded and available to students for download.

We teach in English. Interactive classes are offered through live conferencing. We have developed 23 courses, creating over 275 trainer contact hours.

Our Coach Training Program provides foundation coach training and support. Foundation graduation opens the door to the advanced curriculum and eight remarkable coaching credentials. These unique credentials recognize the extraordinary synergy between coaching and these areas of expertise:

  • Professional organizing
  • Productivity consulting
  • Advocacy & support for people with ADHD and other brain-based conditions (chronic disorganization, ongoing-stress — also known those who are neurodiverse).
  • Educators and counselors

If you are new to our program, we offer distinct entry points for different professionals.

Coaching Essentials is our flagship, 8-week, intensive training in basic coaching skills for current or aspiring professionals who support people with organizing, productivity and/or ADHD expertise. This live, virtual course trains you in deep communication that will empower current clients who want change to shift their thinking, behaviors, and lives. A stand-alone course, it’s also the pre-requisite for the foundation program.

Coaches trained through other programs can use our extraordinary, advanced curriculum as an a la carte menu to earn Continuing Coach Education credit.

There are ten diverse, 6-week courses in our Advanced Coach Training program. Even if a course title doesn’t suggest brain awareness, the coaching needs of those who live with ADHD or another neurological profile are routinely addressed in training content and class discussions.

We schedule four or five 7-hour, small-group, Mentor Coaching Courses annually. Each has a particular focus and meets certification requirements (including an option for the three individual mentoring hours). 

Our coach training strengths are in how to coach clients to create A Life that Fits — and people interested in improving their effectiveness and committing their best energies into what matters most. We coach to support our clients’ executive functioning (organizing, productivity, holistic time management, body- and strengths-based strategies). Our students, coaches and trainers work with a wide range of people, including those considered neurodivergent (although there is actually no neurotypical) — in particular, people with ADHD.

Our curriculum benefits from the specialized expertise and coaching knowledge of our founders and trainers. (See the Trainers Page.)

Denslow's signature
Denslow Brown, Founder of Coach Approach Training
Denslow Brown, CAT-IAC founder and director of training

Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO, CPO-CD, is the CAT director of training. She entered the coaching profession in the 1990s after 20 years as a professional organizer. Denslow holds the highest credentials in the organizing and coaching fields. She has been acknowledged with the organizing and productivity industry’s most prestigious recognitions: NAPO’s President’s and Founders Awards and ICD’s Judith Kolberg Award.

Denslow and Cameron Gott, PCC are the Coach Approach curriculum designers and most senior trainers. They are experienced ADHD coaches and operate from that sensibility.  They both also have strong ‘classic’ coach training. See the Trainers Page for more on the backgrounds and journeys that led Denslow and Cam to create the program.

Denslow also created and directs the credentialing arm of the program: the Institute for Applied Coaching.

Student Testimonials

Coach Training makes a difference in client work …

As a coach, I can see — and help my clients see — their struggles as opportunities for growth and deepening self-insight, a bridge to the other side.

By coaching my clients to describe their own solutions, they completely embrace their changes — making them last!

Coach Training makes a difference in professional development …

You have allowed me to look at what I do and how much better I can do it!

Thank you so much for all of your care, guidance, mentoring, coaching, teaching, and support. I am excited to have this new certification and loved the journey. I have learned so much. I feel a strong connection with the trainers and students. You have created a wonderful environment for learning.

The training helped me immensely. I’m more confident. I have a stronger understanding of skills I’ve used intuitively.

I really feel everything in the training was superlative. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m already applying these skills in other areas of my life and work.

Coach Training makes a difference in your business …

Coaching gives me the confidence to forget about ‘selling’ and just tell the truth: COACHING WORKS!

The training was invaluable. Each week I have added coaching skills in my organizing work and my clients have been incredibly responsive. Last week I started using coaching as maintenance with clients when the organizing project was completed.

I want to transition out of hands-on work; coaching is a natural evolution for me.

Coach Training makes a difference in your life …

Something life-changing happened to me as a direct result of my coach training. I can see things ‘from a different perspective’ and am able to move from stuck positions.

This program has been, by far, the best investment I have ever made in myself, in my business, and my clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Coaching skills made me a much better mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend!

This was a transforming experience!

Program Costs

You can access a breakdown and summary of the full program costs (from Coaching Essentials to a coaching credential application) on our FAQs page.

Foundation course costs are on the Foundation Training Overview page.

Advanced course costs are on the Advanced Training Overview page.

Mentor-Lab course costs are on the Mentor-Lab Training Overview page.

Credential costs are on the Coaching Credential Overview page.

Coaching skills support powerful communication.
It has a profound impact on all kinds of client conversations.

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Coaching Essentials. Coaching skills transform client communication - from the 1st week of training!
5-Course Coach Foundation Program. Become a Coach! Develop an additional service and a new income stream.

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    • Register for Coaching Essentials (the starting place for all new coaches). 
    • Go to our Foundation Program Overview if you know you want to graduate from our comprehensive foundation program to read about this personal growth and professional development life-changing journey.
    • Check out the Coach Credentialing Overview for a short description of the eight possible credentials, costs and calendar.
  • Are you already an experienced coach?
    • If you’re a trained coach looking for ADHD coach training or outstanding Continuing Coach Education credits, go to the Advanced Training Overview page to read short course descriptions. If you want more info click on the course title from the Advanced Training drop-down menu (navigation tab) for a full page of information.
    • If you’re a trained coach looking for Mentor Coaching to strengthen your skills or to prepare a strong recorded coaching session for a credentialing application, go to the Mentor-Lab-Style Course Overview.