Foundation Training

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Our FOUNDATION COACH TRAINING PROGRAM is designed to teach coaching competence to Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants. It is also open, with permission, to professionals from allied fields (education, health care, counseling or therapy), as well as to aspiring ADHD coaches). Classes are taught live via either webinar or tele-conference.

This core coach training provides a strong foundation in coaching skills and strategies Graduation from the foundation curriculum is the pathway to our advanced coach training courses and eight coaching credentials. The Foundation Program is the core training for our full coach training curriculum.

The Starting Place: Coaching Essentials

Coaching Essentials is an 8-week course, offered two or three times a year. It provides an in-depth introduction to coaching skills, process and ethics. The required starting place for the five-course foundation program, CE is designed to stand on its own. For many organizing and productivity specialists, CE provides all the coach training they want to deepen their client communication.  Coaching Essentials. has its own page on this website (as do all the courses).

What Our Students Say

Let Go of My Need to Control

Coaching has completely transformed the way I work with my organizing and productivity clients. I used to return to my office exhausted because I was doing all of the “heavy lifting” for my clients both figuratively and literally. I felt responsible for their success and it was wearing me out. Coaching has allowed me to view my clients as creative and resourceful individuals and let go of my need to control, which was so draining. 

Life-Changing Series of Courses

Thank you again. Coach Approach offers a phenomenal, life-changing series of courses.

Helping Others Live Full Lives

Thank you for guiding us along this path of organizing and coaching. It’s encouraging to interact with so many people [the other students] who have a similar passion for helping others live full, whole lives.

Coaching for Lasting Change

Now my approach to organizing with clients includes coaching in an effort to get as much lasting change into their lives as possible.


I am so impressed with the quality of your Coach Approach program, Denslow — content, materials, and course requirements paired with excellent, caring, responsive instructors. 

Embrace Their Changes

By coaching my clients to describe their own solutions, they completely embrace their changes — making them last!


This was a transforming experience! 

Truly Invaluable

Thank you for everything you have taught us; it is truly invaluable.

Everything in the Training Was Superlative

I really feel everything in the training was superlative. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m already applying these skills in other areas of my life and work. 

Best Investment I Have Ever Made in Myself

This program has been, by far, the best investment I have ever made in myself, in my business, and my clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Deepening Self-Insight

As a coach, I can see — and help my clients see — their struggles as opportunities for growth and deepening self-insight, a bridge to the other side.  

Coaching is a Natural Evolution

I want to transition out of hands-on work; coaching is a natural evolution for me.

More Confident in the Fees I Charge

In terms of my organizing business, being an organizer coach provides me with a distinction as a professional organizer. It’s shifted the services I offer and the way I offer them. After completing the training, I know I feel more confident about what I do and the fees I charge.

I Listen

Because of the foundation coach training, I listen more broadly and deeply. I am better able to listen beyond my clients’ words. I have a greater awareness of the possible existence of brain-based conditions and am more conscious of identifying my clients’ strengths and calling those strengths to their attention.

Helped In Getting More Referrals

Incorporating coaching into my organizing business has helped in getting more referrals. Therapists refer to me now. Other organizers also refer clients to me when they know that the coaching will help, or when the client asks about coaching. And I love the options that coaching adds to my business as I am getting older and will want to back off of the hands-on-organizing.

We Help People Change Their Lives

We do help people change their lives, and with coaching, we empower, leaving behind what they’ve beat themselves up about for years. When the client gets to a place of acknowledging who he/she is becoming — wow, that’s the best.

Brought Out Wisdom

Coach training brought out wisdom I didn’t know I had as well as strengths and a different way of listening. I now have a deeper, more present, more compassionate way of communicating with clients.

Coaching Works

Coaching gives me the confidence to forget about ‘selling’ and just tell the truth: COACHING WORKS!

Engaging Style

I enjoy Cam’s engaging style and sense of humor. He is straightforward and direct and has the ability to jump in and re-direct conversation and feedback loops. His keen observations during the small group calls were very helpful.

Seeing Things From a Different Perspective

Something interesting, and life-changing, has happened to me as a direct result of my coach training. For the first time in my life, I am able to see things “from a different perspective”. I’ve always been somewhat of a black-or-white thinker, and have rarely been able to look at alternative viewpoints. Not only has this [training] given me a “sunnier” outlook, but it has enabled me to move forward from previously stuck positions. And how is this connected to coaching others? Part of my great work is helping my clients see what’s possible for them!

Monumental Changes

I did want to thank you for all that you have taught me and for the monumental changes that have become a part of me since starting the Coach Approach program. I’ve become calmer, more patient, more understanding – internally, I’ve shifted. This program has been, by far, the best investment I have ever made in myself, in my business, and most importantly, in my clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank You for all the Resources

I want to thank you for this excellent course! You covered an amazing amount of information in a very well-organized way. I especially appreciated your clear explanations of the coaching process with visual models and your excellent demos. Thank you for all the resources you have given us. They will be very helpful.

Winning Formula

My interest in coaching could have been off the charts but if the classes didn’t provide the depth and breadth of content that they do, and you and Cam didn’t provide the wonderful environment you do – especially for a teleclass situation – I don’t know that I would have carried on. I’m grateful to both of you and for the community that’s developed between the students. I really believe you have created a winning formula.

Growth & Understanding in Myself

While you are teaching some very specific things, there is a subtlety about it that’s hard to define. I see growth and understanding in myself that’s on another level.

The Required Foundation Courses

The five core foundation courses must be taken in order. Each course has its own page.

After Coaching Essentials, if you want to deepen your coaching skills and use them in a wider range of services, take these required Foundation Courses at your own pace but in order:   Complete them all and you will be a “Graduate from a comprehensive and accredited coach training program.” 

  1. Coaching Essentials
  2. Strengths-Based Coaching
  3. Brain-Based Coaching
  4. Life & ADHD Coaching
  5. Coach Integration

If you need more information before deciding, email or schedule a conversation (see footer).

Foundation Schedule

As the schedule shows, it’s possible to complete the foundation program in a year if you start in the spring. There are breaks between courses (2-9 weeks). You can stretch your training over an extended period, using the longer breaks to practice and integrate the training content. The Elective Foundation Courses (described below and more extensively on their own pages) deepen coaching competence and understanding — and are offered throughout the year.

Elective Foundation Courses

Each Coaching Skills Lab class provides a trainer-supervised coaching session with an analysis of the coaching elements and opportunities and open discussion.

Client Enrollment is a step-by-step process supports a new coach to 1) clarify her coaching services and 2) design a clear and effective communication process to screen and enroll clients successfully.

Cultivating Coaching Courage offers partner coaching and a seminar-style exploration of Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead text to connect coaches to their own values and agency. Experiencing their own honest and compassionate journey to self-leadership enables them to coach their clients to claim identify their own best selves and lives.

Foundation Training Fees

Withdrawal and Refund Policies

If you’ve registered for a course and an urgent situation arises which precludes your participation, contact us as soon as possible.

If the withdrawal notification is received BEFORE the registration deadline date, we will refund the registration payment minus a $100 fee and any third party payment processing fees.

If the withdrawal notification is received AFTER the registration deadline date BUT BEFORE classes begin, we will refund the registration payment minus a $150 fee and any third party payment processing fees.

If the withdrawal notification is received DURING the week classes are scheduled to begin or after they have begun, we extend training credits for the refund amount, rather than reimbursement, at our discretion. This is calculated as follows: the registration payment minus a $200 fee, any third party payment processing fees, and a prorated amount of the balance reflecting the number of training weeks remaining in the course.