Certified Productivity Leadership Coach (CPLC)

Training Hours: 125

Foundation Required:  Yes

Elective Hours: Yes (approx. 5 coach-specific training hours)

Advanced Courses Required:

  • Organizer Coach Practicum (or an Independent Project plus the Body-Based Coaching course) (formerly Graduate Book Analysis: Body-Based Coaching)
  • Graduate Book Analysis: Women & Leadership
  • Productivity Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching I
  • Leadership Coaching II

Additional Requirements: 500 client hours (stand-alone and within organizing), 10 mentor coaching hours, 2 performance evaluations (recorded coaching sessions plus written transcripts)  

Productivity and leadership coaches work with individuals who step up to the responsibility for processes and outcomes in teams and organizations. Clients develop existing and new strengths as well as productive personal power.

Leadership is the capacity to bring out the best in others and expand the positive impact of a group of individuals in the context of a shared goal.

For clients responsible for the performance and results of others (in corporations, businesses, politics, and non-profits) the need to develop great leadership is evident.

People who take responsibility in committees, informal partnerships, communities. and families (chosen and biological) also have the opportunity to become leaders and create deeply meaningful change.

The CPLC supports a client’s understanding of his or her own personal leadership style – and helps them broaden its versatility.  The aspiring leader starts with her- or himself, beginning with a commitment to personal growth and productivity.  The leader works through limits of habit and perspective into greater competence.

The client of a CPLC learns to take responsibility for the impact of their communication with others. They observe, listen, reflect, support motivation, and invite and review actions – all coaching skills.  The increased capacity to connect with and transform others will deepen their own productivity and commitment – and create an environment of honesty, learning, responsibility and accomplishment.

The CPLC supports their client in forming alliances, sharing vision, facilitating effective meetings and processes, identifying concrete goals, and measuring results.