Coaching Skills Lab (CSL)

Elective Undergraduate Coach Training

This is our big-learning, no-frills, no-homework, cheapest coaching skills training. We know new coaching skills can be lost if neglected. This is the place to dust them off and polish them up.

This supplemental training is designed specifically for those who have completed the Coaching Essentials course, so that they can continue to work with a trainer to practice coaching skills and build coaching experience and self-assurance. If you are continuing in the foundation program or any training that will build on your coaching skills, this lab will provide a connection to coaching principles and methods between foundation courses. The CSL course is a great place to gain the confidence to take coaching to the public.

  • In each class, one coaching session takes place with a student coach and client. Other participants serve as active observers as does the trainer.
  • The trainer or coach pauses the coaching session one or more times during the coaching. At these pauses, the trainer will realign the coaching – or ask each observer to offer a point of curiosity, powerful question, or possible direction. The client is often asked to comment on the most promising line of inquiry.
  • Lab training involves actual coaching on authentic issues — and so also provides participants an opportunity to experience being coached.
  • Although not required for certification, this course is recommended for all who have completed the Coaching Essentials training.

Pre-requisites: Coaching Essentials 

Senior Trainer: Sara Skillen, COLC, PCC

This course will be offered several times a year in various timing blocks, for example: once a week for four weeks, once every other week for three sessions, once a month for 3-6 months, etc.  Each individual class is 1-3/4 hours long and earns 1.75 CEU hours.

To Register

If you have completed Coaching Essentials but have not yet graduated from the CAT Foundation Program, AND you would like to participate in a Coaching Skills Lab course, contact the trainer []. The lab classes will be scheduled in collaboration and the course announced (to attract a small cohort).

Registration for each upcoming block of classes is determined at $30/per session.

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