ADHD Education (AE)

Knowledge is Power!

One of the most rewarding aspects of ADHD coaching is sharing brain-based information and seeing them light up with the realization of an extremely meaningful (even healing), new understanding of themselves.

Whether you’re coaching someone who just received an ADHD diagnosis — or someone who was identified in middle school a couple of decades ago — both clients desperately need current and accurate ADHD information. We need to be able to provide clients ADHD education that’s relevant to the the presentation (type) of ADHD they have, that incorporates information about any co-existing conditions, AND that is responsive to who they are beyond their brain wiring.

And lastly, it’s essential when educating clients about ADHD, to not over share — and over-sharing about ADHD can be quite tempting!

The ADHD Education course addresses all these concerns on two levels with two ADHD experts:

Psychotherapist Ari Tuckman, PsyD anchors each of the six themed classes with PowerPoint slides and commentary, providing up-to-date, succinct and memorably-phrased, chunks of information.

Through those same six weeks of training, Master Certified Coach Denslow Brown introduces students to three composite clients. Their unfolding stories provide three very different ADHD education and coaching challenges. Through the facilitated class discussion, Denslow helps students explore the application of coaching principles bring to successful ADHD client education. Here are three important examples:

  • Co-created communication in the context of ADHD education reminds us to ask clients how they prefer information to come to them (reading, being told, videos, stories, research, etc.) — and in what amount.
  • Holding our clients as NCRW (Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole) reminds us to communicate with each client holistically and to ask them to discern whether or not the information is relevant to their ADHD or life experience. This helps them become the experts on their own ADHD.
  • The value of ongoing coaching sessions is in the awareness-action-learning cycles which connected client goals and efforts from meeting to to meeting. These cycles of reflection create a spiraling-up dynamic. Each subsequent session is an opportunity to fine-tune self-knowledge and life strategies into the Life That Fits each client. Grounded in accurate and relevant ADHD facts, clients learn to self-advocate — shifting both internal negative self-talk and their collaborations with others.
AE Training Format & Course Description

The ADHD Ed weekly class themes are:

Class 1:  What is ADHD? 

Class 2:  Diagnosis & Perspectives

Class 3:  Diagnostic Process Support

Class 4:  Medications & Meds Management

Class 5:  Psychosocial Challenges

Class 6:  Lifestyle Changes

The ADHD Ed outside-of-class assignments include:

  • Access to AE’s online Coaches Learning Lab which provides communication between classes – and access to course documents, shared resources, forum discussions and class member profiles.
  • Listening to the recorded coaching demos of the three composite clients by credentialed CAT-IAC coaches.
  • Weekly two-person skills-building partnerships

Trainers: Ari Tuckman, PsyD and Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO, CPO-CD

AE Registration Information

This course is open to CAT Foundation Graduates — and to coaches trained through other program with 60 hours of coach-specific training and 75 paid client hours.

The ADHD Education course is a great choice for advanced coach training for recertification hours.

It is one of the required courses for our Certified ADHD Organizer Coach and the Certified ADHD Productivity Coach credentials.

6 weekly teleclasses (90 minutes each) — 9 CEU hours

Recordings of the classes are available to course participants.

ADHD Ed is typically offered in January-February in even years. For exact dates see the Advanced Coach Training Overview/Schedule or click on the Register Now button below.

$695 or three monthly payments of $240

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