Cultivating Coaching Courage (CCC)

Deepen your self-awareness, emotional competence, and confidence with this 6-week course using Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead. Brené refers to it as “the ultimate playbook for developing brave leaders and courageous cultures.” We use it as a workbook for developing your best coaching self.

CAT coaches at all levels are encouraged to join this enlightening journey that provides ‘a-ha’ insights and a stronger Coaching Mindset (ICF core competency #2), particularly in addressing Who each client is. 

The CCC course’s initial focus is on the coaching that relates to creating trust and awareness. This establishes a coaching environment to ‘grow’ each client’s greater self-knowledge. And that growth empowers their authentic presence in the parts of life where it matters most (self, family, community, and workplace).  

An experiential course, the coach’s own growing self-knowledge will ground their authenticity and voice. A greater understanding of human nature translates into coaching confidence. Stronger Coaching Presence supports an honest coaching space where clients can be engaged about their patterns and perspectives.

CCC Training Formats & Course Details

The New York Times #1 bestselling book by Brené Brown: Dare to Lead (Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts) is the text for this course. 

CCC has fewer moving parts (assignments) then most of our courses.  Here’s the streamlined way this training plays out each week:

Sections of the book are assigned each week. The content builds incrementally and is experienced in various ways:

  • First, each course participant reads the assigned chapter or chapters on her own, chooses an exercise to complete, and identifies points of particular relevance.
  • In each class those most-meaningful points are used to direct the facilitated group exploration. Consideration is focused what has had an impact on course participants, as well as coaching opportunities and implementation.
  • Participants also meet in 2-person Skills Building Group partnerships each week and coach each other. As clients, they bring real topics which resonate with the reading and explores them in the safety of the coaching process provided by their SBG partner.
  • Participants accumulate insights about themselves and human nature (wisdom) through their own lens — and by listening and participating in class discussions. 

In summary, weekly assignments include a light reading assignment, with discussion points identified for class discussion, weekly coaching with the same partner, and submission of the briefest SBG summary ever designed. (Foundation graduates and outside coaches only submit reports the first and last weeks.)

Trainer: Ellen Faye, CPLC, PCC, CPO

CCC Registration Information

Cultivating Coaching Courage is open to any Coach Approach foundation student who has completed Strengths-Based Coaching and, of course, to all foundation graduates. It’s also open to coaches trained in other programs who have at least 60 hours of coach-specific training and 75 paid client hours.  

The course includes six, weekly, 90-minute, live videoconference sessions.

Class recordings are available to course participants.

9 CEU hours — 11.25 ACSTH Hours

We offer the CCC course twice a year — during late winter/spring and again in the summer. For exact dates and registration deadlines, see either the Foundation Training Schedule or the Advanced Training Schedule   — or click on the Registration button below.   

$395 (or 2 payments of $200)

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