Graduate Book Analysis (GBA)

Coaching asks a client to connect with, live from and act in integrity from their ‘biggest’ and best self. Being a coach, we are most effective on the behalf of our clients when familiar with the journey we are inviting them to take.

Every once in a while a book emerges with language and concepts that describe the human journey and/or this invitation beautifully. Sometimes a new coaching text finds new ground — reaching beyond the phrases and constructs this field has depended on so far.

When our trainers are very moved by a new book, a Graduate Book Analysis course is scheduled to explore it. A curious, intimate group forms around the insights and the context in our and our clients’ lives.

In the past, the books chosen were written with a particular population in mind: coaches, women, leadership. We read each book on its merits and always consider its relevance to our work as coaches.

Here’s an example of a past GBA promo: Using [a leadership text], we will consider the coaching challenges and strategies that address a wide range of leadership issues from two angles: an individual’s internal challenges to experiencing and expressing their values and vision; and the external workplace and family issues that aggravate efforts to be (and be seen as) a leader.

GBA Training Format & Course Details

The weekly GBA in-class format includes:

  • A facilitated exploration and analysis of the issues in the assigned pages of the text with points of discussion brought by all participants;
  • A check-in on student coaching challenges and insights arising from the text themes — ADHD client strategies are also included, of course;
  • Some classes elect to include a coaching demonstration based on the issues raised in the text, followed by a group debriefing;
  • Classes close with the identification of ICF and PAAC core competencies (or the trainer captures them after class).

Outside of class, training elements include:

  • Weekly reading assignments from the text;
  • A weekly, 2-person skills-building session [open-topic coaching sessions can be used, in part, to explore the book’s themes in life or with clients.
  • The GBA Coaches Learning Lab (online learning center) provides cohort profiles and forums for course-related discussions and resource sharing.

Trainer: Denslow Brown, MCC — or another CAT trainer

GBA Registration Info

The Graduate Book Analysis course is a great elective course — suitable for recertification hours — or for filling out the 125 hours needed for a PCC-level application.

GBA is open to coaches with 60 hours of coach-specific training and 75 paid client hours as well as to Coach Approach Foundation Graduates.

Recordings of the classes area available to course participants

6 weekly, live videoconference classes (90 minutes each)

Also included in this training are weekly, two-person coaching partnerships that meet for five weeks to explore the coaching issues and use the coaching strategies presented by the text and discussed in class.

9 CEU hours

GBA is scheduled when we are inspired by a new text — rarely each calendar year. To determine if a GBA is scheduled, see the Advanced Coach Training Overview/Schedule or click on the Register Now button below.

$495 (or two monthly payments of $250 each)

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