Productivity Coaching (PC)

Fostering Awareness, Perspective & Action

Compelling coaching strategies to address client productivity challenges are taught in this 6-session course. Coaching students will learn to:

  • Develop clients’ and their own productivity awareness.
  • Shift perspectives about productivity and power.
  • Review the impact of executive functioning challenges and strengths on productivity and performance.
  • Build clients’ resources and competence through action and accountability.

To focus and demonstrate our coaching approach we will use the Productivity Chain© model developed by trainer Casey Moore in her book The Productivity Chain, which will serve as the text for this course.  A copy of the book and completion of the Productivity Chain Self-Assessment are included with registration.

PC Training Format & Course Details

The Productivity Coaching course includes the following training elements:

  • Reading assignments from the book and discussion in class (weekly)
  • A free link to the full Productivity Chain on-line assessment is provided to each registered student. Class 1 includes training and discussion on how to debrief the assessment results in a coaching relationship, using a client-empowered approach.
  • Coaching demonstrations and in-class group debriefing.
  • Introduce and receive feedback on challenging productivity coaching situations in class.
  • Each participant will coach a recruited client, using the assessment and the framework from the class and book.
  • A case study report is due before the end of class, providing a small library of productivity scenarios for everyone.
  • The added resource, the PC Coaches Learning Lab (an online training resource) will facilitate cohort communication and forum discussions — and provide access to training resources and participant profiles.
  • Registered coaches will participate in 2-person coaching sessions for 5weekly sessions, partnering to experiment with new coaching strategies.  As a result everyone will experience and benefit from focused productivity coaching.

Trainer: Casey Moore, CPLC, PCC

Registration Info

The Productivity Coaching course is an excellent advanced training choice for coaches. It is open to all Coach Approach Foundation Graduates, as well as to coaches trained in other programs who have at least 60 hours of coach-specific training and 75 paid client hours.  

PC is required for the ACC-level Certified Productivity Coach credential. It is an optional requirement for the PCC-level Certified ADHD Productivity Coach credential.

The course includes six, weekly, 90-minute, live video-conference sessions.

Class recordings are available to course participants.

9 CEU hours — 11.25 ACSTH Hours

PC is typically offered in even-numbered years in the late winter or early spring — for exact dates see the Advanced Coach Training Overview/Schedule or click on the Register Now button below.

$695 (or 3 monthly payments of $240) — registration includes the text: The Productivity Chain: The Holistic Way to Spend Your Time on What Matters and its online productivity assessment ($58 value).

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