Brain-Based Coaching (BBC)

Ethical, Sensitive and Successful Communication with Stressed Clients

This foundation course teaches the use of coaching skills with clients who live with the brain-based conditions more frequently encountered in our work: ADHD, depression and anxiety. These strategies are critical for communicating ethically, openly, appropriately and successfully when chronic disorganization, executive functioning challenges, stress and/or strong emotions are present.

Brain-Based Coaching training is unique to Coach Approach. The skills learned stretch new coaches to be more effective and courageous communicators even beyond the specific client applications addressed in the course. Learn how to

  • Respectfully open client conversations about the impact of their health challenges on the work you intend to do together (coach-initiated topic)
  • Create an agreement to support ongoing, open communication regarding client functioning and project completion
  • Coach a client to identify and maintain effective support and self-care strategies
  • Identify the behaviors and struggles which indicate the need for a referral to a mental health professional — and provide participants with compassionate and direct language for that conversation
  • Coach and support clients in the process of securing a mental health assessment and/or integrating a new diagnosis
  • Explore and clarify the ethical issues, your personal and professional boundaries, and the possibilities of collaborative professional work when working with clients with brain-based challenges

Brain-Based Coaching is the third of the five required foundation courses which must be taken in order. It builds on the coaching skills and strategies taught in CE and SBC.

BBC Trainers

  • Senior Trainer: Susan Lieber, CAPC, PCC
  • Assistant Trainer: Sara Skillen, COLC, PCC

BBC Course Registration Info

BBC is offered once a year in the late fall. Dates and deadlines can be found on the Foundation Coach Training Overview/Schedule or by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button. The registration deadline is two weeks before Class 1.

Registration includes a training binder and access to the BBC Coaches Learning Lab (on-line learning center for forums, trainer communications, access to training materials, and participant profiles).

You can register for this course individually (full price $695 or three monthly payments of $240) — or in the three-course package, or as part of the four-course package.

BBC Course Details

How is the Brain-Based Coaching course structured?

—  Six weekly video-conference classes, 90-minutes each, with two trainers (See the Course Calendar for industry, national or religious schedule accommodations.)
— Full attendance expected although classes are recorded for review or emergencies.
—  Five weekly Skills Building Group (SBG) meetings, 1¾ – 2 hours in length, with two other course participants
—  Each class includes instruction with discussion, reflections on participants coaching practice, and a group review of a recorded coaching demonstration (participation expected)
—  Between-class assignments (described below)
— Optional bonus classes

What do I need to do for the course start-up (before Class 1) and how much time should I schedule to complete these tasks?

Typically, you will receive start-up instructions and tasks 2 weeks prior to the first class. Allow 3+ hours to complete all Brain-Based Coaching start-up tasks.
— Read through the BBC Course Overview and the other start-up documents (1 hour)
— Complete and submit the Pre-BBC Questionnaire (¼ hour)
— Communicate your Skills Building Group (SBG) scheduling preferences via email (a few minutes) and then coordinate with your group to set up your meeting schedule (½-1 hour)
— Log in to the BBC Coaches Learning Lab (BBC CLL) to access and download the BBC training documents. If you wish, print the training documents and set up your training binder, mailed on request. (½-1½ hour)
— Read through three BBC SBG-related documents to prepare for Class 1 (1½-¾ hour)
— Get a headset with microphone to use during class and especially the SBG meetings, if you don’t already have one (optional, but highly recommended)

What are the weekly course assignments and how much time should I schedule to complete them?

Individual assignment completion times vary widely in this course, but plan to spend 4½-6½ hours each week in addition to the 1½-2 hour class. Weekly assignments include:
— 1½-2-hours for each Skills Building Group meeting (plus ½-1½ hour) to prepare, and up to 1 hour to listen to your own recorded coaching effort and complete and submit the SBG Report)
— Complete the reading assignments and review the documents assigned for each class discussion (½-¾ hour)
— Complete assigned forum posts (¼-½ hour)
— Listen to the weekly recorded coaching demonstration and bring your comments and questions to each class (¾ hour)

What is the course closure assignment and how much time should I schedule to complete it (after Class 6)?

Complete the on-line course evaluation (¼-½ hour).

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