Life & ADHD Coaching (LAC)

Coaching the Whole Person in On-Going Sessions

Coaching Clients with Executive Function Challenges

The Life & ADHD Coaching course provides additional coach training to solidify the emerging coach’s understanding of whole-session, ongoing coaching. LAC emphasizes holistic or whole person coaching — sometimes referred to as life coaching.

In LAC you will also learn the additional receptive and active coaching skills and strategies which fill out the skill-set known as ADHD coaching. These approaches are designed to specifically support clients’ executive functioning. EF challenges can be caused by chronic or situational stress or a wide range of familiar brain-based conditions including, of course, ADHD. These empathetic and directive coaching options connect with people who are struggling, whether they have a diagnosable brain-based condition or not. 

  • 17 new coaching skills
  • Coaching to support A LIFE THAT FITS each client’s passions, values and needs
  • Specific attention to stand-alone coaching techniques
  • The core skills, best practices and ethics of ADHD coaching
  • Addressing client self-talk, self-knowledge, executive functioning education, action, support, boundaries, and other essential structures

LAC Trainers

Senior Trainers and Coach Approach Founders: Denslow Brown, MCC and Elizabeth Brink, CNC, ACC

LAC Course Registration Info

Life & ADHD Coaching is fourth of the five foundation program courses. The pre-requisites are Coaching Essentials, Strengths-Based Coaching and Brain-Based Coaching.

LAC meets every year in the late winter. Find the upcoming course dates and times on the Foundation Coach Training Overview/Schedule or by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button. The registration deadline is two weeks before Class 1.

9 hours CEU — 11.25 ACSTH

Registration includes a course binder on request and access to the LAC Coaches Learning Lab (on-line learning center for forums, trainer communications, access to training materials, and participant profiles).

Register for this course individually or as part of either the three- or four-course packages. If you register with a package, the registration deadline is 2 weeks before the earliest course.

LAC Course Details

How is the Life & ADHD Coaching course structured?

—  Six weekly sessions, 90-minutes for each class, with two trainers via teleconference (See course calendar for scheduled holiday accommodations)
—  Five 90-minute Skills Building Group (SBG) meetings, one each week, with one other classmate
—  Class time training includes instruction, discussion and question time, review of a recorded coaching demonstration viewed prior to class, and assignment review
—  Between-class assignments (see below for details)

What do I need to do for the course start-up (before Class 1) and how much time should I schedule to complete these items? 

—  Typically, you will receive start-up instructions and tasks 2 weeks prior to the first class
—  Allow 3+ hours to complete all Life & ADHD Coaching start-up tasks, listed here:
—  Read through the LAC Course Overview and the start-up documents, calendar tasks, etc. (allow an hour)
—  Communicate your Skills Building Group (SBG) scheduling and training materials preferences via email (¼ hour) and then coordinate with your SBG partner to set up your meeting schedule
—  Log in to the LAC Coaches Learning Lab (LAC CLL) and download the documents needed for Class 1 (¼+ hour )
—  Organize your training materials, including downloading, printing, and reviewing those needed for Class 1 (up to an hour)

What are the weekly course assignments and how much time should I schedule to complete them?

—  Assignment completion times vary from student to student, but expect to spend 7-9¼ hours each week (in addition to the 1½-2-hour class) to complete all
—  Complete short weekly reading assignments (2-4 short articles or handouts weekly) and prepare to comment or ask questions in class (½-1 hour)
—  Listen to assigned, recorded coaching demonstrations before each class (½ hour)
—  Complete required forum post assignments Weeks 2-5 and optional posts throughout (½-1 hour)
—  Prepare for your weekly SBG meeting (generally ½ hour, longer to manage an intake process for the first SBG meeting) and attend/participate in the SBG (2 hours)
—  Listen to the recording of your coaching in the SBG meeting and complete the SBG Report (¾ hour)
—  In the first month record yourself coaching someone (not a classmate) two or more times to secure one strong, 30-50-minute call to submit by Class 5 for trainer feedback (3++ hours total for prep, the calls, and listen-back time)

What are the course closure assignments — and how much time should I schedule to complete them?

—  Complete the written, take-home, open-book assessment covering learning from SBC, BBC, and LAC provided after Class 5 and due 2 weeks after Class 6 (completion times vary radically from coach to coach – most common reports are in the 5-12 hour range)
— Complete an online course evaluation (15-30 minutes)

Required Foundation Courses
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