Advanced Group Mentor Coaching (AGMC)

Are you ready to take your coaching to the next level? Is your goal an ICF Professional Certified Coach credential — or a Coach Approach/IAC PCC-level* credential?

This advanced lab-style, group mentor coaching course supports the experienced coach in developing their coaching ability and confidence to apply for a PCC credential. .

Learn the essential coaching practices that distinguish PCC level coaching. Using ICF’s Core Competencies and PCC Markers as a guide, your trainer will model and practice an advanced level of coaching. That and your trainer’s feedback will enable you to identify the growth you need to demonstrate and achieve the coaching competence needed for a successful PCC-level recorded call.

* The Coach Approach / Institute for Applied Coaching PCC-level credentials are Professional Certified Organizer Coach, Certified Organizer Life Coach, Certified ADHD Organizer Coach, Certified ADHD Productivity Coach, and Certified Productivity Leadership Coach.

AGMC Pre-Requisites: To register for this course, you must have an ACC-level credential — or have graduated from the Coach Approach Foundation Program, have a minimum of 200 client hours, plus at least two CAT graduate-level courses including one of the following: a Core Competency Intensive course or the Graduate Mentor Coach course.

AGMC includes five 90-minute video-conference classes. Typically, they are scheduled to meet every other week. This course is offered every other year. For exact dates see the Mentor/Lab Course Calendar or the Registration Page.

There are two AGMC registration options:

AGMC Option 1: Course Only — $495 (or two payments of $250) — provides 7.5 class-time hours with the trainer, seven of which may be applied to the mentor coaching requirement.

AGMC Option 2: Course plus three one-hour individual mentor coaching sessions — $945 (or three payments of $320) — provides 7.5 class-time hours with the trainer and three hours of individual mentor coaching, fully meeting mentor coaching requirements.

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