Group Mentor Coaching (GMC)

The GMC course was originally developed to support CAT foundation graduates who are aiming for one of our ACC-level credentials. Because of that it is scheduled to facilitate the new coach’s preparation for the application. Registration priority is given to relatively recent foundation graduates.

Developed to strengthen coaching competence, this course includes instruction as well as coaching sessions.  In each class, one coaching session will take place with a coach and client from the student group.  The coaching session might be interrupted at key points to discuss the coaching dynamic, flow and powerful directions.  All participants contribute feedback and alternate choices during the de-briefing at the end of class. Core competencies will be identified.

Registration is limited to seven students to facilitate the seminar/instruction/lab format and easily meet group mentor coaching requirements.

GMC includes five 90-minute video-conference classes. Meeting dates for this course (only) extend from November through February. For exact dates see the Mentor/Lab Course Calendar or the Registration Page.

There are two registration options:

GMC Option 1: Course Only — $445 (or two monthly payments of $225) — provides 7.5 class time hours with the trainer, seven of which may be applied to the mentor coaching requirement.

GMC Option 2: Course plus three one-hour mentor coaching sessions — $895 (or three payments of $305) — provides 7.5 hours of class time with the trainer and three hours of individual (one-on-one) mentor coaching, fully meeting IAC and ICF’s required ten hours of mentor coaching.

Mentor/Lab Style Training Courses